About Studia Islamika

STUDIA ISLAMIKA is an international journal published by the Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM) Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) of Jakarta, Indonesia. It specializes in Indonesian Islamic Studies in particular, and Southeast Asian Islamic Studies in general, and is intended to communicate original researches and current issues on the subject. This journal warmly welcomes https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/ contributions from scholars of related disciplines.

STUDIA ISLAMIKA is published three times a year and all published articles are written in English or Arabic. All submitted papers are subject to double-blind review process. Also, all articles published do not necessarily represent the views of the journal, or other institutions to which it is affiliated. They are solely the views of the authors.

All articles published in STUDIA ISLAMIKA are free to access via this link: http://journal.uinjkt.ac.id/index.php/studia-islamika