Call for Posters


The conference invites students to submit poster on the similar themes on Southeast Asian Islam. The deadline of the poster submission follows the same dates like the abstracts and the papers.

It is important to say that posters are also an essential part of the conference and are prominently displayed in the main exhibition hall. So, to prevent the void time when the paper presentations held, the posters will be also visible throughout the entire duration of the conference in the exhibition hall.

Below you’ll find all the guidance you need in order to give your submission the best chance of being accepted.

Submission Guidance

The poster session provides an opportunity for students to present their latest research results and methodologies to a wide conference audience and to network with peers and experts in their research area. Posters are appropriate for work in progress, preliminary results, and late-breaking research results. Please consider that each poster may consist a maximum of 3 contributors.

  • Undergraduate and graduate university or college students and faculty members may submit their poster abstract.
  • You cannot submit more than two posters as an individual for consideration.
  • The title and the contents of the abstract must be written in English. They should be clear, concise and ideally be revised by an experienced English speaker.
  • The title should be as brief as possible. Please capitalize only the first word, not each one. There should be no full stop at the end. Please DO NOT use upper case for the title.
  • The abstract is a short description of your work and should contain all the elements necessary to define your goals and introduce your results.
  • Abstracts should state, in 150-250 words, briefly and clearly, the following points:
    1. Context
    2. Aims/Objectives
    3. Presentation Content
    4. Significance
    5. Discussion
  • The poster board area is 1 m x 1.5 m (portrait). We advise that your poster size is A0 (91 cm x 122 cm) portrait. This size fits within the poster board area.
  • We are UNABLE to accommodate landscape posters and these will be removed. Also, please create your poster as the given format (click here to view format) to facilitate this assessment process.
  • If accepted, the following instructions will sent to the email’s participants.
  • Reviewers are asked to mark the abstracts out of five, on the basis of 0-5 marks for each of the five judging criteria listed below. A score of five is the highest that can be awarded. A score of zero is given when the submission cannot be judged due to the lack of information provided.
    1. Topic: Is this topic important for academic contribution? Is the topic clearly defined? Will this presentation add new insights for the audience?
    2. Clarity: Is the approach proposed or taken both clear and well described? Are the methods used or proposed appropriate for the identified idea/problem/question? Were the methods innovative?
    3. Findings: Do the findings relate to the topic under question? Do these matter? Are they important? Will these results be of interest to the audience?
    4. Significance: What are the implications of this study or would be the implications of this idea? Do these matter? Are they important? What does this all mean? Will these results influence or have an impact on policy/methodology?
    5. Overall Impressions: Was this a well-written abstract? Will it promote discussion and debate? Will this study/idea change anything?


Outstanding poster presentations will get prize from the committee.